Mindful tips for the festive season

Start by making a rule for all the food you can eat rather than what you can’t you have.

Feeling guilty about what you eat will ruin your motivation.

Always try to have a high protein breakfast.

If you fancy a mince pie, why not just eat an extra portion of vegetables during the day.

Try and keep active by talking the stairs, try getting out of the lift a floor or two earlier and using the stairs.

Have light coloured drinks rather than dark spirits or cocktails.

Stick with vodka and gin and tonic or white win with tonic.

Light coloured spirits contain less sugar.

Being a designated driver could also save you from the excess calories.

Eat from smaller plates so even if you pile your plate up you won’t actually be overdoing it.

Changing your mindset is the biggest challenge that will have a huge impact on your whole weight loss journey.

Remember the goal you set about feeling sexy or feeling confident in your new outfit, keep visualising that goal especially when you’re contemplating that extra drink or that extra bit of food you don’t actually need.

Stay positive and focus on your goals, be mindful about what Christmas is actually about and enjoy time with friends and family without worrying about what you can’t eat or drink.

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All the best 

the YourStyle team.

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