Feel good December

December is almost upon us, what thoughts pop into your mind when you look at the calendar and see another month gone?

Are you happy with something you have achieved or are feeling a little disheartened because there’s something you didn’t achieve?

Regardless of your achievements let’s focus on our goals and intentions for the new months ahead.

Now I know Christmas is coming and this can be a tough time for feelings, especially those of guilt and possibly not wanting to enjoy yourself.

Enjoy the party season if that’s your thing, eat a mince pie or two if that’s what you fancy or enjoy a lie in.

Do you what you need to get a little bit of happiness.

Swap the high calorie drinks for simple spirits with tonics or have a wine or prosecco with soda or if you’re feeling very good have a sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime.

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All the best 

the YourStyle team.

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