Positives of posture

Who would have thought you needed good posture to wrap Christmas presents.

I spent half an hour or so wrapping some presents and my lower back was really aching after.

I should have been more mindful but I was carried away with the task in hand.

Posture is so important in our everyday lives and I think we take it for granted.

Muscles and bones work together and if they aren’t being held the correct way it can cause pain and damage to them.

The spine can become stiff and fixed in position causing pain or spasms.

There are many ways to improve your posture for instance move around regularly so you’re not stuck at your desk all the time.

If you are at a desk ensure your feet are flat on the floor and weight is even through both hips and your back is straight with relaxed shoulder that are back.

When standing weight should be even through the hips on both feet with a slight bend in the knees so they are not locked.

Learning to hold your core in and breathing is a simple and great way to help tone your stomach, it won’t get you abs but it will help the muscle tone.

Finally a Pilates class is great for that full body toning and will aid you in maintaining a good posture.

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