Are you getting enough?

Sleep that is?

Most people require an average of 7-9 hours to be able to function at their best.

How many of us feel energetic all day long?

Is that even possible?

With sleep being just one factor that effects how you feel during the day let’s have a look at how not getting enough sleep will make you feel.:

  • have a hard time getting out of bed
  • Feeling sluggish in the afternoon 
  • Getting sleepy in meetings or warm rooms
  • Fall asleep while watching tv or in the cinema 

Now let’s see what we can do to improve on the sleep you are getting:

  • Regular exercise but not close to bedtime 
  • Avoid caffeine after lunch 
  • Only use your bedroom for sleeping and sex
  • Find a way to manage stress so that it isn’t disturbing your sleep.
  • If you’re tired during the day try and rest in quiet place, do some meditation or just switch off to recharge.

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All the best 

the YourStyle team.

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