Good intentions

Welcome to January and welcome to a new year!

Have your goals changed from last year?

If they haven’t perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate them or maybe even tweak them.

Losing weight might seem like your ultimate goal but is losing weight going to make you feel better, will it give you confidence to wear the clothes you don’t feel comfortable in?

Will losing wait make you happy?

These are real questions that you need to ask yourself as you might be working towards goals that are completely wrong for you.

We need to look at our intentions and the power that they hold over us.

If an idea is fixed in your mind it may go way deeper and be part of your subconscious.
To change the way you think you need to retrain your brain with positive thoughts and affirmations.

Writing your intentions down, seeing them in black and white is just one step.
You need to say your intentions out aloud, be confident with what you are saying.
The more you repeat your intentions the more likely they are to be become a reality.

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All the best
the YourStyle team.

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