The power of protein

How many of us actually eat enough protein, do you know what the recommended daily amount is?
On average a woman should eat around 45g per day and a man 55g.

Don’t be put off if you don’t like eggs or you don’t eat meat as they are not the only sources of protein.

Let’s take a look at what else contains protein:

* Nuts and seeds
* Eggs
* Fish
* Lean meat
* Poultry
* Soy products
* Diary products
* Beans
* Pulses
* Protein powder

Here’s what having enough protein can do for you:
* Help you sleep better
* Lose weight
* Lose fat
* Keep you feeling fuller for longer
* Get stronger

Why not make a few tweaks to your current meals to see if you make a difference to your workouts or your waistline.

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All the best
the YourStyle team.

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