Running away with your thoughts

Let’s talk about exercise.

Have you set realistic attainable goals for yourself?

A new year often signifies a new you or new regime that you must stick to.

Have you set a rigid goal that isn’t really achievable with your current work life balance.
You won’t become and athlete overnight or drop two dress sizes in a month or get a six pack or have an amazing sleep every night.

Try a small amount of activity during your day, start your day with 5-10 star jumps when you get up, go for a walk during your lunch break and take the stairs at every opportunity.
Small tweaks like this done regularly are more achievable and you won’t feel you’ve let yourself down if you’re not ready to run a marathon by the end of January!

15 minutes a day could help feel better bringing harmony to both mind and body.

Once you find something you enjoy doing you will find it much easier to commit to and if you have a friend to do it with too you’ll be more like to succeed.

All the best
the YourStyle team.

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