Mind and body balance

Do you know what makes you happy and is it beneficial to you?

Taking care of your body by fuelling it correctly and taking part in physical activity go hand in hand but do you ever think about your mental wellbeing.

Being stuck in a rut won’t help you, be it your eating habit or your exercise habits.
We need change in order to grow, that means taking risks, getting out of the that comfort zone.
Set yourself a more challenging exercise goal, smile or talk to a stranger.
Taking certain risks can be rewarding and healthy.

We often take life too seriously, we need to laugh more!
Watch a funny film, watch some YouTube clips, play charades anything that will get you laughing.

Negative thoughts can eat you up, ruin your self confidence and cause anxiety so try to practice challenging and replacing negative thoughts.
Thoughts are not fact we have to remind ourselves of this, instead of thinking “this is hopeless” or “I’m no good” replace those thoughts with “I feel I can do no wrong” or “this is really going to happen”.

Practicing be thankful for things can change your whole outlook on life.
Gratitude for your job even if you don’t really enjoy it at the moment, there’s things you can be thankful for like your sunny office window, the friendly people you work with.
We can always find a reason to be grateful.

Let’s try and practice some of this things to get that balance.

All the best
the YourStyle team.

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