Time for me

Trying to find some me time.

Me time you ask? Yes, that’s exactly how I feel, what is me time?
Everyone is ‘busy’ with something in their lives, often feeling overwhelmed.

How can you be at your best if you’re tired, demotivated or just bogged down with daily life?

If you could step outside of yourself, almost like looking in a mirror at yourself, at how you look and feel.

What would you say to yourself?

“Wow, look how tired I look!

”How can I get more energy?”

“I didn’t realise my mummy tummy was so bad!”

The list could go on! Even if you can steal ten or fifteen minutes out of your day to do something just for you that you enjoy, be it a quick walk out in the fresh air, sitting down to drink that hot tea or coffee that went cold earlier because you were so busy or having a nice long bath or shower with your favourite products, sitting or lying down to do some meditation or reading a book.

If you do manage to get any extra time, let us know how you got on and what you did to take some “me” time.

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All the best
the YourStyle team

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