Time for you

Do you have any time for yourself?

I mean after you’ve cooked, cleaned up, done some chores, meal prep, the list goes on!

How would you feel about making you a priority, even if it was only 5 or 10 minutes a day.

5 or so minutes sounds and feels more justifiable than a day off or a spa break, it doesn’t feel so guilty.

Let’s get that life balance back by making time in your day for you to do something that you enjoy doing.

If you find it beneficial make a list so you can clearly see what you have going on and what areas you can juggle things in order to get that well needed me time.

Here’s how to make that list:

1) Grab a piece of paper.

2) On one side put all the things you do for others.

3) On the other side put all the things you do for you.

4) Objectively look at the lists and see where the life balance is weighted.

5) Start to make an agreement with yourself on how you can release some of the things for others to lighten your load and make space for you.

All the best
The YourStyle Team

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