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Fed up with having such a tight schedule there is no me-time?

Love your food but want to tone that tum and have more energy?

Want to get active after a couple of 'lazy' years and worried you won't be able to keep up?

Hate looking in the mirror and battling with low self esteem even though you are the strong and happy one for everyone else?


How to find time for you to switch off the mind, socialise with like-minded people and get active with flexibility around your tight schedule.

How to stop emotional eating and start fuelling the body for optimum energy and still love your food.

Get back into classes with ladies of all shapes and sizes and abilities in a welcoming environment

Get confident and stay consistent with your exercise, health and wellness for a lifetime. 

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Let's Get there Together. One Step at a time. 

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Here is what the YourStyler's Said...

Pilates with Annabel is amazing..I wasn't sure at the beginning what exactly I am doing, but now I can guarantee it is more than building my confidence, having fun and be part of something. Annabel really helps everyone, no matter the problem you can face, to regain your body balance and not only. Her approach is unique and genuine...Girls just go for it! By the way, it can become addictive...I can't wait for the next session!🤗

I have been a client of YourStyle Fitness for over a year, regularly attending classes. It’s the only gym I’ve ever joined! I enjoy the different exercise classes, it’s close to home and the staff are supportive and friendly. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, feeling energised and confident in my body and mind. Thank you YourStyle Fitness!

I attended the 4 week Get that body back and be confident program. I loved the 4 week journey which helped me understand and reinvent myself. This programme taught me to follow a healthy lifestyle ,by attending classes that I enjoyed and creating healthy habits for life. It helped me understand that exercise and dieting does not have to feel unpleasant, restricting, or punishing etc all the negative words I had associated with it.Whereas, it can be fun ,enjoyable and a whole new way to love yourself. Annabel is a selfless holistic coach who in my opinion finds contentment in helping others. I thank her for her time each week .When she says 'I have your back' ,Trust her she truely does x

Such a supportive environment, particularly good if you want to try a few new things and establish a new fitness regime for yourself. My attitude to fitness and my ability to take time for my own health, recovery and development have all improved since I started the classes here. Fully recommend giving it a try.

I originally enquired to find out about classes to complement by gym-only membership, and now I'm hooked. The classes are all great, I';m addicted to the Barre class taught by the amazing Annabel, it's just great. If you're after small classes (where the trainer actually makes sure you get the most out of your work-out), a friendly and personalised service, then search no more, you found it!

I've been a client of YourStyle Fitness for over a year now. The trainers are very knowledgeable and friendly. The zumba and pilates classes are great. The pilates classes are hands-on, which means that the trainer adjusts you to ensure that you are executing the exercises correctly. I spend most of my working days at a desk, in front of a computer. The pilates classes have improved my posture a lot. I would highly recommend YourStyle Fitness.

Empowering Women to Step into their Confident Self, Reconnect as a Community so that They & Our Children can Live Anxiety & Depression FREE. 

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Here is what a few more YourStyler's Said....

Great classes, energetically infectious instructors, very inclusive and a really nice community. So happy I found this place. It has helped me to break a lot of bad habits and create positive new ones without much personal effort.

This is Sherani. One of my cats, she is my furry child and weighs exactly 4kg (8.8lbs) when she walks over me that feels like a lot. After the 4 weeks at Yourstyle, that is exactly how much weight I have lost. It helps me visualise what I have achieved. 

Truly excellent Pilates classes. Annabel is a precise and helpful instructor. She makes sure your practice is as good as it can be and pushes you to attain even better technique in a warm, friendly and supportive environment. The class space itself is very conducive to relaxation and achievement. I highly recommend. Much the best Pilates class I've ever attended by quite some way.

Really enjoy the classes here, it's always welcoming. The classes are challenging but everyone is super supportive