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How did you find your ‘Exercise and Stick to it’ Class Pass?’

‘I just moved to the area. Booking on the app is great!!!! (It gave me) Motivation.’ Suzanne

‘I was looking for fitness/ sports that I can combine with my job. (I was worried about) Membership type, possibilities to combine it with work. I really enjoyed it! I feel more relaxed’ Claudia

‘Hoping to loose weight and be fit after giving birth 2.5 months ago. (I was worried about) The location – always traffic Price Commitment. (I) Feel better and motivated.’ Dayana

‘I had been looking for classes close to where I live, for some time so I was happy to find YourStyle. was not sure how it would work out for me as I am only in London about 7 months of the year so have not joined a gym ( or similar ) before because of problems with freezing membership etc. (I) come out of every class with a smile on my face.’ Felicity

‘I used to be more active, but then I went through a patch of not being very motivated and needed something to get me excited about working out again. Really convenient and easy. Feeling more motivated and discovered some great new classes.’ Ashleigh

How are you getting on at the YourStyle Fitness Studio?

‘I needed to find a gym with interesting classes to motivate me to keep fit. I became more flexible and elastic thanks to my yoga class. I got an assessment with the personal trainer and set some goals: thanks to this I am now drinking 2L of water a day and feel much better. I would like to thank Annabel & all the staff at YourStyle Fitness because they are always very friendly and helpful, Rebecca (my yoga teacher) because she’s wonderful and open to chat anytime.’ Deniz

‘Just had a baby who was 4 months old at the time and I had increased in weight considerably from size 16 to 20.A lot of the classes where unfamiliar to me and I wasn’t sure I will enjoy them nor benefit from them. I was extremely worried about fitting in. It has been fantastic and very easy to use.  I have become much more confident in my goals to loose weight but more importantly I have suffered from lack of sleep for almost a year but since I started Pilates I have seen a huge change in my sleep pattern and I am having more peaceful night rests.’  Frida

‘I loved:flexibility, variety, attention, Keep it up:)’ Inga

‘Hadn’t done any targeted exercise since having baby a year ago. (I was worried about) Expense. Very easy. Bookings procedure and app is great, class is good so far.’ Shaheera

‘Did no exercise at all. Used to have a horse as a child but never did any other exercise When I had my horse I broke my heelbone so I was a bit worried this might play up but so far so good. (I)  Wondered if I would go/if I would end up wasting money. Very easy, amazing level of service and support. Definitely feels like a smaller studio where people care than a large studio where you’re just a number. I’ve found classes I actually really enjoy and look forward to going to!  Kaatje

‘My favourite class is Zumba on Saturday with Natalia.  Natalia is so skilled and passionate… she makes my Saturday :)’ Alex
‘Very pleasant environment with inspiring instructors’ Juls
‘Excellent place if u want to do Zumba..Trainers are well trained.’ Piali

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